Astrological Chart Readings

If you are interested in a consultation or have any questions, please email me at:

Natal Birth Chart Consultation: 2 hours   $200.00                  (This consultation is an in-depth look at the planets, houses and aspects in your natal birth chart….focusing on their themes and meanings concerning your highest path for this life.)

Transits and Progressions: 2 hours   $200.00                        (This consultation focuses on the transits and progressions  currently activating specific themes in your natal chart… emphasizing what aspects are most important. This consultation is offered for those who understand the basic meaning and lessons of their chart but are looking for clarification and direction in working with the current activity.)

Combination of Natal and Current: 2 hours   $200.00               (This consultation touches on the themes of the natal chart plus the most important transits and progressions for the year. This particular consultation allows you to glean an understanding of your whole chart, and what is  currently being  activated. Approximately an hour is spent on the natal chart and an hour on the transits and progressions.)

Information I will need to run a chart: *the date of your birth (month, day and year) *the time of your birth (exact to the minute…not rounded off)  *the place of your birth (city, state and country)

Payment method: I require a check or money order to be received 1 week prior to the reading.

Cancellation Policy: I require a 48 hour cancellation notice to receive a full refund. Please understand a considerable amount of time is put into studying a chart, in addition to the time reserved for the reading. If you miss the appointment, the fee is not refunded but you may reschedule the appointment with an additional charge of $35.00.

I offer readings in person, by phone and Skype. The session is recorded and you will receive an audio copy of the reading along with your charts.


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