About Lisa

I began studying astrology in 1988 while raising a family and running a business with my husband.  I was passionately reading any astrological, mystical or psychological self help books I could find.  During my years of study, I read charts of family, friends, and business associates, further helping me to recognize and understand patterns of behavior and deepen my understanding of myself and others.  Astrology and my spiritual studies have allowed me to sink deeply into myself and recognize my own authority; to look within instead of to the world for my answers.

This brings me to where I am currently in my life; wanting to share and teach what I have learned.  My deepest desire is to help others use astrology as a tool to better empower and understand themselves; to recognize their unique gifts, and navigate through the challenges and opportunities that life presents us with.  I truly believe life is not the result of random choice.  I believe we are here for a purpose, to become more conscious- to expand and grow out of our limited beliefs, to transform and raise our vibrations and the energy of the collective.  I feel we are all teachers and students here to be mirrors for each other; to assist each other in awakening to our oneness in this world of duality.

Education and Independent Studies:

My formal training consists of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education of the Hearing Impaired (at all levels) and a second certification in Elementary Education from Southern Methodist University.  I have certifications in yoga and in Reiki I and II.  Further independent studies include workshops with Dan Millman, Byron Katie, Chris Griscom, Sonya Choquette, PhD, Dr. Michael Ryce, and sound healer Tom Kenyon.  Eckhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz, Joel Goldsmith, and Osho are other teachers that have profoundly shaped and broadened my prospective of life.

I have also attended the Hoffman Process, Big Mind Big Heart Process with Zen Master Dennis Gempo Merzel, The Trauma Release Process, and was a member of A Course in Miracles study group for seven years.  I have participated in the Evolutionary Astrology Apprenticeship Program with Steven Forrest and obtained Level One and Level Two Certifications.


Member of ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research)

Member of NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research)

Member of OPA (Organization for Professional Astrology)

3 Responses to About Lisa

  1. Nancy says:

    Thanks for the share!

  2. Richard Queener says:

    Hi Lisa, Am so glad that you are having these Astrology classes in Knoxville. My knowledge of Astrology is still quite basic but I do believe in validity of Astrology. It is my misfortune to be unable to attend your classes as my drivers license was suspended after a wreck a couple of years ago. I am now 83 yrs old. August 4, 1928 was my birthday, the same day shared with President Obama. I’ve been a student of a Course in Miracles for the past 15 years. Also studied Joel Goldsmith and Osho. I live alone in an apartment in north Knoxville about 9 miles from Oasis, My nephew sometimes drives me to Oasis on Sunday. I am a native Knoxvillian, but have lived in Jacksonville FL and Cincinatti and in Michigan for long periods of time. I hope to meet you someday. Best wishes. Richard Queener

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Richard, It was nice to hear from you and learn a little about you – thanks for sharing. I think it is neat that we share similar interests. Maybe I will see you in class sometime. Take Care. Lisa

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