About Astrology

The study of astrology is a journey toward self understanding and an understanding of others.  Our astrological horoscope (called the birth chart) is a blue print of the energy fields of the planets at the exact moment and place of our birth.  The birth chart reflects the energies of our soul; it shows our highest potential, behavioral tendencies, and areas of struggle and growth.  Our free will determines how these areas play out.  Most people are only aware of their sun sign when referring to astrology, but all the planets and their signs play an important role in our lives and can be used to gain a deeper understanding of our experience.

Astrology is based on the assumption that we are constantly evolving and changing; everything is in motion.  Free will and conscious choice play into our interactions with the world.  There is harmony in the universe and everyone is part of the greater whole.  We all follow cycles and patterns; the same force that moves the planets animates us.  Our understanding of these archetypal, planetary energies, gives us insight into our own unconscious motivations and ingrained beliefs.  From the moment we were born, we are programmed by society how to act, think and feel.  With the help of astrology, we can transform our attitudes and behavior and embrace being our unique selves.

Astrology deals with symbols.  The birth chart is composed of a 360 degree circle, divided into 12 houses, with 12 signs and 10 planets ( 2 luminaries- the Sun and Moon and 8 planets).  The planets represent what energy is operating; the signs the planets are in represent how the energies are operating (the personality traits), and the houses represent the fields of experience- where the area of focus is.  The chart also consists of the Ascendant (the rising sign) and other sensitive areas.

From our viewpoint here on Earth, the zodiac is perceived as a wheel or a belt around the Earth.  Within this belt are fixed stars that are further divided into 12 constellations, containing the orbits of the planets.  As the planets traverse through these constellations, energy is absorbed and expressed that affects us here on Earth.  Just as we observe the Sun’s rays warming the Earth, or the cycle of the Moon affecting the ocean tides and our emotions, each planet is simultaneously transmitting rays of energy that enter our magnetic fields.  We live everyday in a sea of electromagnetic energy that changes moment to moment due to the movement of all the planetary and cosmic bodies in the universe and their pivotal relationship to each other.

Astrology is a vast tool that offers us information, direction and guidance.  It encourages us to look deeply and discover the issues surrounding our lives and to embrace what we are here to learn.  It aids us in dealing with the drama in our lives, thus giving us greater understanding and compassionate insight.  Most importantly, it points us in the direction of our highest purpose and greatest joy.

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