January 2014                                                                                                                            Venus Direct and Retrograde In Capricorn

Venus takes 225 days to complete its journey around the Sun. Approximately every 1 and 1/2 years, Venus turns retrograde for about 42 days. This time is highlighted, inviting us to look deeper at a certain area of our charts, as Venus stations retrograde and then stations direct over these sensitive degrees. Venus entered 0 degrees of Capricorn on November 6, 2013 and turned retrograde at 28 degrees of Capricorn 58 minutes on December 21, 2013. It will be retrograde until January 31, 2014 when it stations and turns direct at 13 degrees Capricorn 33 minutes. It will be in the sign of Capricorn from November 6, 2013 until March 5, 2014.

Look to the house (or houses) that has Capricorn on the cusp – any planets in Capricorn – aspects to these planets – and especially planets close to 28 and 13 degrees (the stationary retrograde and stationary direct periods) for what will be the focus of this retrograde period. For example, if Venus is retrograding through your 4th House, then the focus will be on family, home, land, safety, security, retreating from the world, unconscious (deeply buried) beliefs that are now bubbling up, private life versus public life, home life versus career, etc. This will be the area that is up for a deep review involving your relationships with intimate others and your environment – concerning your needs for connection, beauty, peace, creativity and balance in your life.

Venus Retrogrades in Capricorn is a time of reevaluating what we truly desire and value in our relationships. It is a time to take a serious look at our unconscious impulses and interactions concerning others – what we sacrifice to keep things peaceful, safe, calm and harmonious. What is our true authority and responsibility concerning others; are we allowing them to pull their own weight and deal with their choices? How are our unconscious desires and needs in close relationships keeping us off balance with our soul’s evolutionary purpose? What possibly do we not want to see – take responsibility for – own or acknowledge? Cancer (the sign opposite Capricorn) needs to be seen as loving, kind, nurturing, unconditional and dependable. Capricorn is sometimes about “tough” love, setting emotions and feelings aside and doing what is necessary concerning the larger scheme of things. Capricorn can sometimes be over done with too much doing and not enough nurturing of our self or others – how are you currently balancing this axis?

High Venus in Capricorn to me, is about standing in our own authority and truth within our closest relationships. Being anchored and willing to take the necessary steps no matter how misunderstood we might be by others. Walking our talk and being a courageous mirror for others rather than being swayed by emotions, opinions or judgments. Sometimes we have to courageously take actions that others might deem as selfish, cold or unloving. Sometimes we have to chance feeling alone and separate.

Venus (and the 7th house) is concerned with issues of trust and commitment. – Venus encourages us to look outside ourselves to others and to our relationship with our environment. Ultimately, where do we place our trust? What and to whom are we committed? It is hard to look outside ourselves and trust others if we first haven’t learned to trust ourselves…to listen to the voice within. Once we learn to trust the voice within, we can “let go and let God” (we can open our palms and release our tight grip of control) and be guided with confidence… totally trusting whatever unfolds is perfect for that moment. Look to the houses that Venus rules in your chart (the ones with Taurus and Libra on the cusps) for further areas  that are affected by this intense Venus retrograde period concerning our most intimate relationships and what we value.

Nov. 3, 2013 Solar Eclipse

This potent New Moon on November 3, 2013 is a powerful Solar Eclipse. It is shining a fierce light at 11 Degrees of Scorpio in our natal, astrological birth charts, encouraging each of us to wake up and become more conscious of our beliefs, behaviors and actions. If all this intense Scorpio energy isn’t enough to grab and focus our attention, then heavy Saturn included in the mix is further pushing us to get serious, be responsible, show up and do the work! (Transiting Mercury, North Node, Sun, Moon and Saturn are in a tight conjunction in Scorpio currently in the sky.)

Scorpio energy wants us to dive deeply into our psychic sludge-piles and honestly explore the depths of our behavior and the origin of our beliefs we act out from. It wants us to look wholeheartedly and ask some rigorous questions, and respond with earnest, sincere, heartfelt emotion. This is scary stuff – uncomfortable, messy, raw and vulnerable. It is much easier to stay on autopilot, keep our walls erected, and just maintain the status quo. But the pain is intense and irritation, disappointment and frustration is in our faces. Pain invites us to grow, to make adjustments, to become more authentically mature and responsible to our core selves. What motivates us? What emotional, psychological needs drive us? What do we desire from others physically, emotionally, and psychically? How do we act crazy when emotions flood up and grab the steering wheel…causing us to lash out and spew what is pent-up? What thoughts and beliefs do we carry (consciously or unconsciously) that continuously magnetize certain individuals and situations to us? What would we rather not look too closely at because it makes us uncomfortable and squirmy?

This November 3rd Eclipse is about passion, raw truth, disciplined action, feeling alive and energized, intensely focused, and becoming more sane, happy and authentic. For example, if this eclipse occurs in the second house of our astrological birth chart, then we are being invited to look deeply at what we value, our self-esteem, self-worth, resources and talents. To look closely at what choices we make, what things we tell ourselves, and how we treat and value ourselves. It can be painful to look so honestly at ourselves and decide to own the parts we would rather not look at. Saturn says, “let’s get serious, roll up our sleeves, put our nose to the grindstone and give form to what we stand for – to be more authentic, own our behavior and choices and to persist until we accomplish what we set out to do.”

Transiting aspects from Saturn (or where Saturn is natally located in our birth charts) can feel heavy; we can feel depressed, stressed for time, tired and exhausted. Where ever Saturn is, we’re called to pay attention and embrace the tasks that lie before us. In the second house example mentioned above, transiting Saturn is a call to be responsible for building our own self esteem, valuing who we truly are, doing the necessary required work, managing our money, organizing and valuing our time, and creating the structures and resources that support us. If Saturn and this eclipse conjuncts a planet, for example Neptune in the second house, then the universe is inviting us to take committed steps to create a form – a structure (Saturn) – that can express our spirituality, psychic sensitivities, creative vision, and our connection with the Divine (Neptune). This may be a commitment to write, paint, do dream work, devotional work, service in the community, spiritual classes… But the core meaning is to get in touch with what we value and take conscious, committed steps to manifest it in our reality. To empower, value, and believe in ourselves.

If the eclipse is highlighting our fifth house, it is time to have more fun, to creatively express ourselves, find more joy and experience more passion in our lives. Yet Saturn is heavy, serious and responsible; this doesn’t feel very light and playful. Saturn is not about easy, it is about disciplined, committed, work.  And Scorpio energy is intense, passionate, raw and real. So, it may be time to look deeply and examine the wounds and pain associated with your sensitive, inner child and its ability to be spontaneously and un-apologetically itself. Commit, structure and create the time to do something that brings you joy. Play the piano, write, join a sports team, take up photography, study a subject that fascinates you – and do this daily! There is some hard, intense work to be done in the area of your joyful, playful, creative self. Even if it doesn’t feel easy or fun, set the time aside, push through the habitual, outworn habits and commit! Soon the unaccustomed pattern of behavior will feel comfortable and a new habit will be born!

The energy of an eclipse usually indicates a turning point; it is a time to make some changes, especially if it is activating planets, natal aspects or angles in our charts. Since transiting Saturn is a key part of this particular eclipse, it is extremely important to be serious and committed to doing the work. Referencing the natal placement of Saturn and the house that it rules in our chart, will further explain the core theme that the transiting Saturn is always carrying as it makes its transit through the houses of the birth chart.

To give further clarification for what this Scorpio energy means for each of us specifically, look to where natal and transiting Pluto is in your birth chart. Pluto is the ruler of this Scorpio Eclipse, so the core meaning of Pluto’s natal placement and it’s current transiting position is where it is demanding transformation and will shed further light on the Scorpio Eclipse position. Also, you can look to the natal placement of Mars (co-ruler of Scorpio).

We are in intense, transformative times. Just look out at the world and all that is unfolding with the government, insurance, banking, healthcare, and the environment to see what is in our faces collectively. The transiting square of Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, transiting Neptune in its own sign of Pisces, and transiting Saturn in Scorpio is heralding the dissolution of the old and what no longer serves us. It is time to get serious, look deeply at what we have created, to commit to authenticity and truth, and claim our power and participation.  As above, so below. As within, so without!   Lisa C. Hurt

Jan. 4, 2013 - Happy 2013!

As we begin this new year, the Sun is transiting in Capricorn encouraging us to be serious, responsible, and personally committed to manifesting creative change in our lives. With the New Moon occurring at 21 degrees of Capricorn on January 11th at 2:44 pm EST, I would like to encourage you to take some silent, reflective time during the Balsamic Phase of the Moon (8th-11th) to turn inward and pay attention to what is bubbling up for you. To use this time to contemplate and plant your seeds for the new phase beginning on the 11th. What would you like to create? Where do you feel Divine Spirit nudging you? What structure or container can you build, what tools/talents can you perfect and diligently apply that will allow you to be an example, a major contributor in this new world? Capricorn represents our place in the community…being committed… stepping up to the plate and personally creating tangible form in a patient and focused way.

On the last two days of 2012, the transiting Sun conjuncted transiting Pluto in Capricorn creating focus, depth and intensity…further activating the slow moving square of transiting Uranus and Pluto and their current dance in the sky. These are slow moving, collective planets…and as the faster moving planets aspect them, the intensity is turned up. Transiting Mercury in Capricorn follows the Sun and hits the same conjunction point with Pluto on January 6th, followed by transiting Venus on the 16th. All these planets in Capricorn  are grabbing our attention… directing us to get serious, focus and take charge of what we want to manifest.  Pluto and Uranus are agents of change….Pluto in Capricorn represents the unearthing of things that are hidden and the destruction of old decaying structures. It is a period of major transformation, uncomfortable change and looking at the hard truths. Uranus in Aries represents freedom, individuality, what is strange and shocking and the courage to charge ahead….to forge new paths. These planets will be dancing in close aspect with each other for the next few years.

Collectively, Uranus and Pluto are bring sweeping change to so many areas of our lives… political, religious, environmental, economic. But these planets also represent us on a more personal, inward level. Do you feel a need to break free, to be more authentic, to make sweeping changes for all that is deadening and toxic inside you? What part of  you is functioning on auto pilot? Where is anger building up? What new insights are coming to you? Where can you be more spontaneous and original…open yourself to new experiences?

In addition to all the above, there are other planets in the mix with aspects to each other that are either inviting flowing opportunities or tripping us up with frustration, irritation, and adjustments. Transiting Saturn in Scorpio is slowing us down, putting on the breaks, encouraging us to maintain focus and look deeply below the surface of things. Transiting Jupiter in Gemini is inviting us to courageously expand, to stretch our minds with new information and new experiences… to explore, stay open and curious… to not fall into boring ruts. Transiting Mars in Aquarius encourages us to take action, be brave, unique, stand out, do it differently than we’ve done in the past. Transiting Neptune is creating confusion and uncertainty… urging us to ask for inner guidance…to turn within and listen to the still small voice.

As we step forward into 2013 making long-range plans, committing and taking concrete steps, remember to have patience, awareness and compassion for others and respect their right to be unique individuals. Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth comes to mind and I would highly encourage everyone to read it. This is a wonderful book on how we each can be frequency holders for the creation of a new Earth.

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy, adventurous New Year filled with opportunity and growth for manifesting your vision!           Lisa C. Hurt, Radiant Light Astrology


Mars/Aries Energy Invites Us To Face Our Fears And Be Courageous

What gorgeous weather we are having! It makes me want to go out and play…ride bikes…hike…walk along a beautiful path…dance wildly or just soak up the sun! I think this beautiful weather is not all that is calling me. This new moon in Aries…the Spring Equinox is all about that budding energy that wants to bust out, soak up the sun, and express itself. I feel like a flower poking out of the ground, pushing out of the hard, dark earth…fragile….unknowing…moving in the direction of the new and unchartered… just trusting myself…trusting Spirit with hope and possibility.

So, what is this new energy for you? This New Moon that occurred on March 22, 2012 at 2 degrees of Aries. Where is Aries in your astrological birth chart (for those of you who have a copy and know what I am talking about?) Where/how are you being called to be courageous, to face your fears, to bust out and be brave and bold?  “Just Do It!”…leap….embrace your naivety and be willing to be the fool! Do these words scare the crap out you? That is what Mars/Aries energy feels like…exciting, real, edgy and in the moment…that feeling you just might die! One word of caution though, if you are already a firey person and don’t usually hesitate to be bold and take action…then maybe this new moon is shining a light on your assertive, aggressive energies inviting you to be more conscious, balanced and aware of how you use these energies. Not everyone needs to jump and grab the bull by the horns, but we all have fears and scary areas we are invited to embrace and push through.

For me, this energy is calling me to express myself. To stop playing it safe and stop hiding my voice…to speak my truth and embrace being my unique self. Just the thought of this breaks me into a sweat… makes my heart race and I find myself holding my breath. So, if you are reading this on the internet, that means I DID IT!  And if you hear from me again, I did not die!! :-) As small as this may look to others, it is hugh for me. Being willing to look ridiculous…chance not being understood…looking crazy or being perceived as foolish, are at the top of my list of dangerous!

Hopefully, my courage inspires you to take a chance and push past one of your fears! As for me, this Spring marks a new beginning of me sharing my thoughts and writings more readily…being willing to stir people’s thoughts and emotions rather than gain approval or fit myself safely in a box. Thank you for listening and being a witness to my courageous actions!! I will be back to post again soon!    Lisa C. Hurt, Radiant Light Astrology


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